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Healing Herbal Skincare is a natural skincare company, founded by local esthetician Jah Crystal.  Jah, the self entitled 'Skin Care Fairy' is on a mission to empower through her nourishing herbal skincare products and services.

At her Seattle Facial Room (near University Village), she offers services including Herbal Enzyme PeelsHydrating Herbal FacialsSkincare Energy Guidance and more.   All of her products are hand formulated, 100% herbal and all natural.  Her skin care line - The 5 Energies of Skin, is skin-type specific and free of chemical synthetics, fillers and carcinogens.  

For those seeking to create their own skincare products, Jah also offers various courses where novices and professionals alike can receive training to become Herbal Beauty Masters of their own delightful creations.

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5101 25th Ave NE, Suite 8, Seattle, Washington 98105 US