The Quarters

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Jade & Trammell Woods

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The Quarters restaurant serves it’s guests a comfortable fusion of “N’awlins” and Midwestern cuisine. Conveniently nestled in Auburn, this home-style establishment artfully combines grassroots Midwestern style cooking with down-home southern-creole flavors. Their menu boasts soulful dishes such as Gumbo, Jade's Jammin Jambalaya and Grandma Anna's Turkey Necks, as well as weekly weekend brunches. 

Chef owners Trammell and Jade Woods’ shared dream of owning a restaurant was born of their experiences growing up, gathering around the table for a good home cooked meal, laughter and love.

“We want people to know this is a safe zone. That means everybody is welcome, gay, straight, white, black, doesn’t matter. If you’re being hurt, molested, if you’re a victim of domestic violence, whatever, you are safe here.” - Jade Woods

The Quarters

721 W Main St Auburn, Washington