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Pam Jacob

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Pam's Kitchen is a Caribbean casual dining establishment that serves traditional Trinidadian dishes at their Wallingford and South Lake Union locations. The family operated restaurants are named after their founder Pam Jacob, who relocated from Trinidad & Tobago to the Pacific Northwest, opening her first restaurant in 2003.

Pam's menu is rich in spice and flavor and reflects the Caribbean's rich cultural history. With reimagined favorites such as Mango Chutney Aloo Pies, Jerk Pork Ribs and a variety of authentic slow cooked curries, this flavorful island journey is just a drive away. Pam's spicy cultural offerings go beyond her menu. On weekend nights, she books steel pan, soca and jazz bands to woo patrons ears, as their taste buds are taken on a delicious island escape.

Pam’s Kitchen / 1715 N 45th St Seattle, WA 98103